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Roots Hall

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Q: What football ground do southend united play at?
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What ground do the Manchester United football team play at?

Manchester United play at Old Trafford.

What is the oldest football team in the world sheffield united or sheffield Wednesday?

Neither. The oldest football team in the world is Sheffield FC. Although, Sheffield United do play at the worlds oldest football ground in the football league, Bramall Lane

Which UK football team plays at a ground called Elland Road?

Leeds United play at Elland Road Stadium.

Where do Manchester United play football?

Manchester United play football in Manchester in England. Their stadium is called Old Trafford.

What football ground do Nottingham forest play at?

The City Ground

When does Manchester United play?

Manchester United play their football at OLD TRAFFORD.

Did lee barnard play in the championship before Southampton?

No he didn't. He played for Tottenham Hotspur and Southend United before Southampton.

Where do football players play football?

they play football either in a training ground or in their stadium or another stadium- or in their garden! I hoped this helped! :) KiKi

Can deaf - people play in man united football team?

Yes deaf can play football, in football you need good feet and eyes.

What football ground do Wolverhampton Wanders play?

the molineux

What ground size is there to play football?

12m 10m

What are the sports the United Kingdom play?


Does Manchester United play rugby or soccer?

Manchester United are a football club in england. they play at Old Trafford.

Who has the smallest football league ground in England?

accrington Stanley play at the crown ground which only holds 5057 which makes it the smallest in the football league

What football ground does Glasgow Rangers play at?

They play in Glasgow, Scotland at Ibrox Stadium.

Why do people like to play soccer?

Because people have a desire and a big passion to play football. And all you mneed is a football and any ground.

Who does wain roney play for in football?

Manchester united

How do you play for a football club?

FC United of Manchester

Can you get scouted by a major football club if you only play for a school football team?

Yes you can like my self i play for Manchester United

How many states play football?

In the United States, football is played in all of the 50 states.

Where do AFC Wimbledon play their home games?

kingstonian football ground

What football team play home games at the racecourse ground?


How many players Minimum can play in ground of a football match?


In football are you allowed to play the ball while on the ground?

Yes, of course!

What kind of sport does the Seattle Seahawks play?

The Seattle Seahawks play American football. They play in the National Football League (NFL) in the United States. The Seattle Seahawks have been a football team since 1976.