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Q: Who does wain roney play for in football?
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Who the best football players in the premiership?

The best football players in the premiership are countless.In my opinion there is messi,kaka,ronaldo,torres,roney,gerard.

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Justin Roney's birth name is Justin Thorvald Roney.

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Which number does Wyne Roney play in Manchester United?

Wayne Rooney wears the number 10 jersey.

When was Matt Roney born?

Matt Roney was born on 1980-01-10.

When was Paul Hitch Roney born?

Paul Hitch Roney was born in 1921.

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When and where did baseball player Matt Roney play?

Matt Roney debuted on April 2, 2003, playing for the Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park; he played his final game on May 30, 2006, playing for the Oakland Athletics at McAfee Coliseum.

When was Roberto Roney born?

Roberto Roney was born on January 13, 1939, in Brazil.

How skilled is Wayne Rooney?

wain rooney is not that skilled but he is very threatening to other football players witch makes them scared of him so

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