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Adidas adipure 11

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Q: What football boots does lampard wear?
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Do you wear football boots for touch football?

No you don't need to wear football boots, you could wear running shoes.

What football boots do you wear?

I wear the same boots that c.ronaldo wears so I wear mercurials because c.ronaldo is the football player I admier and mercurial boots are the only type of boots I would ever wear.

Which football teams wear f50 football boots?


Why do you have to wear soccer boots in soccer?

While it is possible to play football with boots, boots are very important for gripping the ball and striking it with ease. FIFA has made it compulsory for footballers to wear football boots at all times during a game.

What football boots does Gerrard wear?


What football boots does messi wear?


Do football players wear rugby boots?


Who playes better football ballak or lampard?


Which football boots does Vincent Kompany wear?

Vincent kompany wears adidas predator boots :)

Which boots does Frank Lampard wear?

Lampard currently wears the Adidas adiPure II soccer cleats. The ones he wears are in a Running White/Black/Metallic gold color. These cleats are hand-crafted, making them extra classy!Frank Lampard wears Adidas shoes.

Why do football players wear bright boots?

they feel like it

What make is frank lampards boots?

Frank lampard's boots are the Adidas +Predator Absolute.

What football boots does Luis Suarez wear?

He wears Christian Louboutins.

Can you wear rugby boots for football?

Yes but just not on astro (AstroTurf)

What football boots does Daniel agger wear?

Under Armour Dominate

What football team did not participate in the world cup because they didn't want to wear football boots?


What Football boots does Roque Santa Cruz wear?

Roque Santa Cruz wears the grey Puma v-Konstrukt IIfootball boots.

What football boots does Derek Riordan wear?

he wears adidas boots, he has worn adidas predators, adi pures and f50s

What football boots do Bellamy wear?

he wears nike mercurial vapor ivs

What do you need to wear to play football?

You need a jersey, shorts, stockings and shingaurds as well as football boots to play a match.

Who is a better football captain Frank Lampard or Rio Ferdinand?

Lampard is not currently a Captain. Ferdinand is.

What is Frank Lampard bad at?


Is Frank Lampard the best football ever?


Which famous professional football player wore jersey number 8?

kaka,lampard,gerrard n rooney used to wear 8 for ManU

Are football boots with rubber studs better then football boots with metal studs?

Yes. If you wear metal studs on an icy concrete surface, you will slip all over the place. If you wear rubber studs, they will grip easier. So therefore, rubber studs are better.