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Q: What famous baseball player wore number three?
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Which baseball players wore number three?

The most famous was Babe Ruth.

Who is the most famous baseball player to wear the number 6?

Well, there are three baseball hall of famers that went into the HoF with the #6 jersey number. They are Al Kaline of the Detroit Tigers, Stan Musial of the St. Louis Cardinals, and Tony Lazzeri of the New York Yankees.

Three famous people in Alaska?

Curt Shilling: retired baseball player Carlos Boozer: basketball player for the Utah Jazz Benny Benson: creator of the Alaska flag

How do you use three in a sentence?

Every baseball player can remain at bat until three strikes are called against the player.

Who is the heaviest baseball player in the world?

really the heaviest baseball player is Walter Young who clocks in at three-hundred fifteen pounds!

Which are the three most famous brands of sports gear?

The three most famous brands of sports gear is Nike at number one, Adidas at number two, and Reebok at number three, followed by Puma, Fila, Converse, New Balance, K Swiss, Asics, and Umbro.

Who is the most famous football-soccer player of all time?

The Brazilian footballer Pele is the most famous footballer. He is the only player to win three world cups.

What famous football player has won three world cup competitions?


Who are three famous baseball players?

Babe Ruth, Derek Jeter, and David Ortiz.

Baseball player drafted in all three sports?

Dave Winfield

What is Lindsay Davenport famous for?

Lindsay Davenport is a former number one professional tennis player. She has an Olympic gold medal in tennis singles and holds three Grand Slam singles tournament titles.

What is Steve Neville most famous for?

Steve Neville is famous for many things. Steve Neville is most famous for being an English football player. He is famous for his three spells at Exeter City.

What baseball player wore number 21 and has the first name of Brian?

I have a signed baseball and I believe that the individual is a pitcher who was wearing number 21 and who's first name is Brian J with the last name starting with the letter R. It was signed withing the last three years and may have been with the Florida Marlins.

Is the number three retired from major league baseball?


Oldest player to play baseball?

The oldest Major League Baseball player to play was Satchel Paige. At age 59, he pitched three innings for the Kansas City Athletics.

Who inspired babe ruth to become a baseball player?

three players from the dodgers

Who was the first baseball player to earn three million dollars a year?


What is Dave winfield the only baseball player to do?

He's the only athlete to be drafted by three major sports (baseball, football and basketball).

What is Adam Gontier famous for?

Adam Gontier is famous for being the lead vocalist and rhythm guitar player for the hard-rock band, Three Days Grace.

What were three famous firsts of 1964?

These are three famous firsts that happened in 1964:Willie Mays was the first black player chosen to be a team captain in baseball. He was with the San Francisco Giants.?Jerrie Mock was the first women to fly solo around the world.?Sidney Poitier was the first black actor to win an Academy Award for Best Actor.

What is three famous search engine?

The three popular search engine are google, yahoo and bing. These are the 3 major player

What does 1 for 3 mean in baseball?

Probably that a player got one hit in three at bats.

Who is the famous pianist?

There are a number of famous pianists. First off, Beethoven, Chopin, and Brahms are considered to be three of the worlds' most famous pianists. There's also Liberace, Horowitz, and Gershwin.

Why is 3 an unlucky number?

Three is not coincided to be a bad number in fact its in the same categories as the number 7 if not supersede it ... There are many things that have the number three in it that people hold dear like Earth is the 3rd planet , the Christan's God and the the Holy Trinity in baseball you have three strikes a street light has three lights and on and on the list can go ...

Why is the number tweny-three such a famous number in any sport?

Because the legendary Brian Scalabrine wears the number 24 and some of the greatness spreads off to this other lesser number.