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Q: Who wore 57 that was a famous baseball player?
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Who wore number 57 for the 1969 New York Jets?

In 1969, no player wore #57 for the New York Jets.

What packers player wore number 57?

matt willeg

Who wore number 57 in the 1970's for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Guard Sam Davis was the only Steelers player to wear #57 during the 1970's. He wore the number from 1967-1979.

What MLB players wear number 57?

No player yet, also no player has ever wore number 97

Who wore 57 for 1976 Philadelphia Eagles?

Vince Papale

What players wore number 57 for the NY giants?

Jim Clack

Who wore jersey number 21 for New Orleans Saints?

Rickey Jackson wore #57 for the New Orleans Saints from 1981-1993.

Professional football players who wore number 57?

David Hawthorne

What Detroit Tiger wore 57?

The Detroit Tigers players that wore the uniform number of 53 are Willis Roberts, Jimmy Hurst, Brian Schmack, Sean Douglass, Francis Beltran, Jordan Tata, Luike French, Casey Fien, Jarrod Washburn, Jeff Frazier, Joaquin Benoit and kyle Lobstein. Benoit was the Tigers player that wore number 53 the most since he wore it during the 2011, 2012 and 2013 seasons.

Who wore number 57 during the 1980s and 1990s for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

These are the Steelers players who wore #57 during the 80's and 90's:Mike Merriweather - (1982-1987)Jerrol Williams - (1990-1992)Eric Ravotti - (1994-1996)John Fiala - (1998-2002)

What was Mike Merriweather's number for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Mike Merriweather wore number 57 for the Steelers from 1982-1987.

What are the release dates for Battleground - 2004 Famous Generals - Stilwell 1-57?

Battleground - 2004 Famous Generals - Stilwell 1-57 was released on: USA: 24 December 2005