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Mickey Mantle

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Q: What famous baseball player wears 7?
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Which New York Yankees player wears number 7?

No current Yankees player wears #7. In 1969, the Yankees retired the #7 in honor of Mickey Mantle.

Which Chelsea player wears number 7?


Who wears Mancunian republic jersey number 7?

Currently, there is no player who wears jersey number 7 for mancunian republic.

What famous landmark wears a crown with 7 spikes?

Statue of Liberty

What famous soccer player wears number 07 on a spanish team?

Cristiano Ronaldo used to be #9 but changed to #7 with Real Madrid.

What is jd drew's baseball number?

J.D. Drew wears #7.

What player wears number 7 on the Red Sox?

JD Drew

Who is Barcelona player now wears number 7 jersey?

David Villa

What player is number 7 for Liverpool?

Luis Suarez currently wears the number 7 shirt for Liverpool.

Which is World Famous footballer?

Cristiano Ronaldo is an example of a world famous footballer. He plays for Real Madrid and wears number 7.

What Indians player wears number 7?

The current player wearing #7 is Jamey Carrol, but Brandon Phillips and Kenney Lofton also wore the number.

Which major league past baseball player wore number 7?

Many players have worn number "7". One of the more famous "7"s was Mickey Mantle of the Yankees.

Which famous soccer player wore number 7?


Who wears number 7 for the cubs?

Ryan theriot wears #7 for the Chicago cubs

Who wears number 7 for real Madrid?

Cristiano Ronaldo wears #7 for real madrid!

Who wears No. 7 for the Dallas Cowboys?

No one wears No. 7 on the Dallas Cowboys' 2017 roster.

What famous baseball players wore 7?

Mickey Mantle

What famous baseball players wore the Number 7?

Mickey Mantle

Famous baseball players to wear number 7?

Mickey Mantle

Which famous baseball players wore number 7?

The most famous was Mickey Mantle.

What famous player wore number 7 in the NFL?

John Elway.

Who is the most famous soccer player in Milan?

Paulo Maldini is the most famous player iof Milan, he has won 7 champion leagues.

Who wears number 7 for Chelsea?

Ramires wears the no7 shirt for Chelsea

Who wears number 7 for Liverpool fc?

The person who wears number 7 for Liverpool is Luis Suarez the Uruguayan Winger/ striker

Who wears 7 on the Lakers?

Lamar Odom