What exactly is Nordic skiing?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Nordic skiing is a type of skiing where the heel of the boot is not attached to the ski. Nordic skiing is still considered to be a winter sport or activity.

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Q: What exactly is Nordic skiing?
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Is nordic downhill skiing?

No, nordic skiing is same as cross-country skiing.

What is the same as cross country skiing?

Crosscountry skiing, otherwise called Nordic skiing or XC skiing, is a colder time of year sport that includes skiing across significant distances over fluctuated landscape. Nordic skiing is the name given to it because it was first practiced in Scandinavia and other Nordic countries during the winter as a means of transportation. Crosscountry skiing varies from downhill skiing in that it includes skiing on compliment territory, and the skis are longer and more slender, permitting the skier to skim over the snow as opposed to cut turns. It is a popular winter exercise and endurance sport that is enjoyed by both recreational and competitive skiers.

What are the ratings and certificates for Unlimited Nordic Skiing - 2003 V?

Unlimited Nordic Skiing - 2003 V is rated/received certificates of: Canada:G

Another name for cross country skiing beginning with N?

Nordic skiing.

What is the technical term for the sport of cross country skiing?

It can also be called Nordic Skiing...

A Olympic skiing event where athles go several kilometers on skis?

Nordic skiing

How is nordic combined played?

Nordic combination is the combination of ski jumping and cross-country skiing.

What olympic sport is divided in alpine and nordic?


What olympic sport is divided into alpine and nordic?


What olymipc sport is divded into alpine and Nordic?


What is the 5k nordic skiing record?

10 minutes

What actors and actresses appeared in Unlimited Nordic Skiing - 2003?

The cast of Unlimited Nordic Skiing - 2003 includes: Lise Meloche as herself Beckie Scott as Skier