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For females,it means flat-chested,long neck,short torso and under a certain weight for whatever your height is.The male Ballet dancer always has to be taller than the female and physically fit.And of course be strong enough to lift her.

the term "a body for ballet dancing" generally means that you need to have the "ideal" body for dancing; which often means being skinny, eating with a right diet, having skinny feet, a graceful etiquette, etc. in actuality, that is not the case though, although you can't be "bulky". there's a fine-line between skinny, slender, and just...overweight or chubby. ballerinas usually have very small boobs but they still have boobs one of the reasons why this is because they are so fit and strong (this might sound weird) that their boobs get like muscles and they stay small.

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Q: What exactly does the term the body for ballet dancing mean?
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