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Ballet in Spanish is actually the same "Ballet"

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Q: What does ballet mean in spanish?
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How do you say ballet shoes in Spanish?

Zapatos de ballet is the Spanish term for ballet shoes.

How you spell ballet in Spanish?

The word "ballet" is spelled the same in Spanish.

How do you spell ballet in spanish?

The same - Ballet

What is turn in ballet in mean?

if you mean what is a turn in ballet called? it is a pirouette.

Is ballet a spanish word?

No it's French.

What does La Fete du Ballet mean?

Either the ballet celebration or the ballet festival

WHo is a famous Spanish ballet dancer?

spani shdancer

Is Spanish ballet fast or slow?

normally fast; listen to the spanish music in the nutcracker

What does releve mean in ballet?

Releve means to rise in ballet.

What contrey does ballet mean?

Your question is unclear, but ballet is a french word.

Does ballet mean turn?


What is ballet mean?

the word ballet comes from the Italian 'ballare'-- to dance or to move