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a uniform optionally pom-poms and sneakers

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Q: What equipment or gear is needed to do that?
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What equipment is needed for climbing Mount Everest?

There is a lot of equipment needed to climb on Mount Everest. You can see a list of gear at the link provided.

What equipment is needed for the Iditarod race?

A dog sled and winter survival gear.

What equipment would a tourist need?

Tourist need equipment like cameras and hiking gear to make the best of their trip. Of course, the equipment needed will depend on where they are going.

What kind of equipment is used for sandblasting?

There are basically three pieces of equipment needed for sand blasting: the abrasive, a compressor and a nozzle. However, you will need to wear protective gear while sandblasting and there are many sources of equipment for protective gear. The type of blasting equipment and abrasive you use will depend on the project you choose.

What equipment and clothing is needing on Everest?

A large amount of equipment and clothing is needed to climb on Mount Everest. Take a look at the article in the link to see a list of what gear you need.

What equipment do you need to go paragliding?

The equipment needed is minimal by aviation standards. The principle items being the glider, also called the wing, and the harness. The rest of the equipment consists mainly of safety and communication gear.

What is the purpose of tactical gear?

The word tactical means combat and gear is clothing and/or equipment. Tactical gear is clothing and equipment used in combat. The purpose of tactical gear is to protect the wearer.

What equipment qould be needed to perform this experiment?

What equipment was needed for this experiment

What is the best bull riding gear?

Spurs, rowels, off sets, and protection vests, as well as other types of gear are needed by bull riders. Places to buy this gear include Beastmaster Pro Rodeo Equipment, Barstow Pro Rodeo Equipment, Inc. and Rodeo Tech. The vest from Rodeo Tech is approved by PRCA's top riders, so this might be a good place to buy the equipment from.

What is another word for equipment?

gear, tools...

What are the equipment needed?


What equipment is needed for tulips?

the equipment needed is soil, a shovel, and a warm place to plant it:]

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