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It is the same all the way through. Youth girls, MS girls, HS Girls and college players need the same equipment. And that is:

Lacrosse Stick


Mouth guard (not clear)

Cleats or Tennis Shoes (cleats recommended)

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Q: What equipment is needed to play girls high school lacrosse?
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What equipment is needed for girls high school lacrosse?

The very basics are stick, mouthguard, goggles, and some schools want cleetes but soem are okay with just sneakers

Are the rules the same on boys lacrosse and girls lacrosse?

nooo... they are two completely different games. For one, girls lacrosse is non contact, they use different sticks, different equipment, and the overall mechanics are different

Can girls play boys lacrosse?

Yes they can if there is not a girl's lacrosse team for that age group. This is like a 3rd grade girl playing on a boys team because the only girls lacrosse team is 5th grade and up. Generally in high school or above girls cannot play- there would play on another high school's girls lacrosse team.

When is the high school lacrosse season?

Spring for both girls and boys

Is abbey mount school in a film called wild child?

yes, it is a "girls school in England where they play lacrosse"

Trying Out for the Lacrosse Team: Necessary Lacrosse Equipment?

Lacrosse is a competitive and rough sport. Failing to buy the adequate safety gear can mean one suffers tremendous injuries. Before trying out for the lacrosse team, there are a few items any youth should buy. Over the years, lacrosse has become a very physical sport. The nature of lacrosse is such that players constantly push one another around on the field. In many instances, pushing other players around is just part of the game and a completely "legal" activity in the context of lacrosse. The game is physical for both boys and girls. The only difference is that each sport requires different gender-based safety gear. For boys, the typical lacrosse equipment needed is a crosse and lacrosse ball. The lacrosse ball comes in different colors, so a boy should be sure to see if a coach has any specifications for a particular color. Some coaches only like to use 5 oz. orange lacrosse balls. Other coaches have no preference for the color of lacrosse balls that players choose to use. For safety equipment, boys will need a mouth guard, chin strap, shoulder pads, and gloves. Also, boys should be sure to use protective cups and arm pads. In some games, the referees may require boys to wear protective cups and arm pads. For girls, the typical lacrosse equipment remains the same. Girls need a crosse to play, as well as a 5 oz. lacrosse ball. Girls should also be sure to check with a lacrosse coach for any preferences in the color of lacrosse ball used. Girls also need to wear a mouth guard, gloves, eye-wear, and nose protection gear for the sport. Goalies may need to wear additional throat and pelvic protection. Some refs also require girls to wear abdominal protective gear. Protective gear for lacrosse can be quite expensive. One of the best ways to buy lacrosse gear is to put in a bulk order with a team of girls or boys. Some websites will offer discounts for bulk orders. Some websites will also offer free shipping when teams spend a certain amount of money on the site. In addition to the equipment listed here, a coach may require a team member to invest in a practice jersey or uniform. Some school teams provide the uniforms for lacrosse, while other school teams do not have the funds to purchase uniforms for the team. If a team does not have funding for uniforms, then seeking donations from local businesses is a good idea.

How do you cradle for girls lacrosse?

in girls lacrosse you cradle across the body

What sometimes called a posh girls school sport starts with L?

A sport that starts with L that girls might play in school is lacrosse. It's not particularly posh.

What is needed to start a lacrosse?

To start lacrosse, you need several pieces of equipment. Its different depending on whether your a boy or girl.BOYS: Need a stick, cleats/tennis shoes, helmet, padding, and a mouth guard.GIRLS: Need a stick, cleats/tennis shoes, goggles, and a mouth guard.

What are the release dates for MHTV High School Sports - 2011 Girls Lacrosse MIAA Championship 3-6?

MHTV High School Sports - 2011 Girls Lacrosse MIAA Championship 3-6 was released on: USA: 29 May 2013

What are the release dates for MHTV High School Sports - 2011 Girls Lacrosse vs- Danvers 3-3?

MHTV High School Sports - 2011 Girls Lacrosse vs- Danvers 3-3 was released on: USA: 26 April 2013

What do girls need to play lacrosse?

lacrosse stick, girls lacrosse cloves, facemask, and thats it un less you are a goalie.

In Japan what piece of school equipment is red for girls and black for boys?

The Randoseru is a backpack like piece of school equipment from Japan.

How many hours do lacrosse players train per week?

im on a state championship high school girls lacrosse team and we practice 2 and a half hours monday-friday.

How long should a girls lacrosse stick be?

A girls lacrosse stick should be about as long as your arms and fingers.

Is cheerleading more dangerous than girls lacrosse?

girls lacrosse is actually more dangerous than cheerleading

What did they use to play lacrosse?

To play girls lacrosse, you need lacrosse goggles,a girl's lacrosse stick, and a mouthguard.

How do you play girls lacrosse?

The same way you play boys lacrosse

How many are in a lacrosse team?

it depends if you are playing boys or girls lacrosse.

Where do most girls play girls lacrosse?

There are hundreds of colleges that have girls lacrosse. Some of the better schools are Northwestern, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, and Princeton.

Do many woman and girls play lacrosse?

Yes alot of girls play lacrosse. I know that many club teams are acually becoming a sport for colleges over mens lacrosse.

How old do you need to be to play girls lacrosse?

It depends where you live and where you look. I know that they have competitive Lacrosse for girls in the south at about age 7 or 8. If you live on the east lacrosse starts at 4.

What do girls lacrosse and native American lacrosse have in common?

Nobody cares about either.

Why is a yellow lacrosse ball required in girls lacrosse?

Its yellow because they can see it better!

Do If you have to wear some sort of knee guard when playing girls lacrosse goalie?

in youth leagues its recommended and in high school its whatever you want