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To play floor hockey, one would need a lightweight plastic ball, or a heavier ball. Sometimes a normal hockey stick, Field Hockey or bandy sticks are required.

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Q: What equipment is needed to play floor hockey?
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How do you play non-ice hockey?

you can play floor hockey, roller hockey, or field hockey

Why was Floor Hockey a Success?

because you can still play hockey when its not cold and there is no ice.

How long is a floor hockey game?

The floor hockey game floor size is the same as a basketball court. The two teams play on a floor measuring 94 ft. by 50 ft.

What to wear to a hockey game?

if you are just watching the game, just go like you would regularly to anywhere. However, if you're gonna play, you should have your equipment, skates, stick, gloves, and helmet. (and this is only for ICE hockey) if you're gonna play floor hockey, you just need arm and knee pads and a stick

Why does hockey equipment smell?

When you play hockey, you sweat. Your sweat is getting absorbed by your equipment and does so the entire game, even when it's just sitting. The smell is dried up, old sweat.Couple of solutions are hang it up after you play regularly or get it cleaned by a hockey shop.

Do you need a helmet to play hockey?

YES it is the most important part of the equipment

Where do hockey players play?

On the field (best kind), the ice, gym floor, or pavement.

What are the equipment used to play dama?

Wooden Board

How much would it cost to play ice hockey?

$700-$1000 plus the equipment

Where to play hockey in Hong Kong?

Kowloon Bay Mega Box 10th floor

What Equipment is needed to play vollyball?

AnswerA net, volleyball, ref and players are needed to play volleyball.

What is the term that represents a play in floor hockey and basketball?

Dribbling In Hockey you are pushing the ball along and in Basketball you are bouncing the ball along the court in front of you.