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Golf grip solvent is lighter fluid/shellite.

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You can use white spirit or petrol (gas if you live in USA I believe) but there are safety issues with these liquids so be careful.

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You can either use white spirit or petrol, but obviously there are safety issues.

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Q: What else can you use for golf grip solvent?
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Can you use rubbing alcohol to Re grip a golf club?

Yes, white spirit is very good to use when regripping a golf club. It is in my opinion, the next best alternative if you don't have grip solvent.

Is it possible to replace golf grip with an insecticide aerosol?

To be honest, i wouldn't bother. You can use white spirit or petrol and grip solvent is cheap enough.

Can you use soap and water for golf grip solvent?

No. The solvent is used to remove the old double faced tape; then to allow the new grip to slide onto the new double faced tape. ANOTHER POSSIBILITY If you're using water activated grip tape then the proper solvent to use is water with just a little shampoo added. Otherwise, the use specialized grip tape solvent, or maybe mineral spirits.

Is it possible to replace golf grip solvent with Naphtha?

Yes, much more inexpensive than grip solvent. You can find it at your local painting supply store. Note: use at your own risk. I do not encourage the use of the forth mentioned solvents. Please read all labels and MSDS before use.

Is it possible to replace golf grip solvent with thinner?

I use mineral spirits, a.k.a. paint thinner. It's cheap and I always have some around.

How do you remove the rubber grip from a golf club?

You put the club in a rubber vice and tighten. Then get a Stanley knife with a hooked blade, put it at the bottom of the grip and pull the knife towards the butt end of the club. You then use some grip solvent or white spirit to remove the old grip tape. And then you can start putting on your new grip.

How do you make the grip solvent?

Grip solvent is definitely the best for re-gripping, but you can use white spirit or petrol, which both work well.

Can you use 40 weight oil in a golf cart?

Use exactly what the manufacture of the golf cart recommends and nothing else.

What do eastern bluebirds use their feet for?

They use their feet to grip branches or whatever else they need to.

How to customise a golf club?

You get shaft entensions and cut them to size. Then you take the grip and grip tape off the club. They fit into the current shaft and must be glued in place as shaft extensions must be permanent. You then reprip the club

What is a safe household cleaner for golf club grips?

You shouldn't really use any house hold cleaner on golf club grips as it will destroy them, enjoy the mild ones. A clean towel and clean water is absolutely perfect. You can buy some specialist golf grip cleaners over the internet or in golf shops.

Can you use regular 10w-30 motor oil in a Volkswagen golf?

Use exactly what your owners manual recommends and nothing else.