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The more dense a bat is, the more harder it is. The harder the bat the less amount of energy is absorbed so the ball will go farther.

Main point:

Bat more dense- farther hit

Bat less dense- shorter hit

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Q: What effect does the density of a bat have on the distance that you can hit a ball?
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What is a shaved bat?

A shaved bat is a bat that has had material removed from the inside by "shaving" the inner wall. This thins the wall of the bat which causes the ball to leave the bat at higher speeds and giving greater distance to hit balls.

Does the mass of a softball bat effect the distance it will travel when coming in contact with a bat?

yes, usually a heavyer bat will make the ball go farther, but if it's too heavy it willl slow your swing and you won't get a very good hit. I lighter bat will help you swing faster and you will pull the ball more.

How does the age of a baseball bat affect how far a ball will go?

There is a trampoline effect when a ball hits a bat. The warmer the bat, the more the bat is able to contract and expand to create this effect. The colder the bat, the less able it is to create the trampoline effect.

How does bat length effect the balls distance?

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Does the weight of the softball bat affect how far the softball will go?

I dont know if this answers your question, But the bat does effect the distance and speed of the ball. Normally, the bigger bat you have (weight and inches) the ball will travel faster and farther. I play softball, and sometimes the coach will reccommend a bigger and heavier bat for the person.( X

Does the weight of a baseball bat determine how far the ball will travel?

No, it has no effect.

Would the weight of a baseball bat effect how far the ball gos?


Does the swing velocity of a bat affect the distance the ball will travel?

Yes. Faster = farther.

Why can you hit a ball harder with an metal bat?

Metal bats are hollow and have thin walls that produce a trampoline effect that propels the ball off the bat. Imagine dropping a ball on a trampoline. That rebound effect is what occurs at impact and it helps accelerate the ball with greater velocity than you would get with a wood bat. The sweet spot is also much larger on a metal bat.

What is a double barrel baseball bat?

A double barreled bat is the same as a double walled bat. The barrel (the part where the ball hits the bat) contains a smaller barrel inside it's hollow compartment. This gives it more umph when the ball hits the bat because of the 'trampoline effect'.

What is the distance between stumps and wide ball mark?

A Short Hand (SH) size bat

A bat hits a ball which has the greater acceleration the bat or the ball?

in most cases the bat