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High & low

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Q: What effect does arousal have on footballers?
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How does arousal and anxiety effect sports performance?


Which of the following may be a desirable effect of caffeine?

mental arousal

Example of low arousal levels in sport?

Arousal can effect sport performance, for example if you have poor arousal, you will not be ready for a sports game and won't perform to the standard you can do. If you have good arousal your performance will be better as you will be ready for a performance. By Lewis soal

What class of drugs has an arousal effect on the central nervous system?


What is reversal theory?

Reversal Theory is when sometimes they will find the situation fun and exciting and other times they will be extremely nervous. Footballers can sometimes find one cup final exciting and use their arousal positively. Sometimes they might find it stressful and their arousal will be a negatively feeling.

Does Joe smoke?

no he dosent. no footballers can smoke because it can effect thier stamina!

Does joe hart smoke?

no he dosent. no footballers can smoke because it can effect thier stamina!

What effect does arousal have on sports performance?

The effect on sport is that your arousal levels different depending on what outcome you are willing to achieve. If your arousal level are high, then you will be more motivated to win and if you win it will increase the meaning of that win. If your arousal levels are low then it means that you are more likely to not perform as you normally can. Arousal is mental and physical. It is psychic energy-the activation of certain parts of the central nervous system that leads to physiological and behavioral changes. You can partially control arousal and thereby improve your functioning as an individual as well as an athlete. Keep in mind that over arousal can negatively affect an athlete's ability to focus, and control muscle tension which can impair performance

When was The Arousal created?

The Arousal was created in 1988.

Why does arousal effect sports performance?

it gets the blood pumping. causes more of a drive which leads to your testosterone pumping hard.

Do footballers get hypothermia?

Yes, footballers can and sometimes do get hypothermia.

When was Arousal Disasters created?

Arousal Disasters was created in 2003.

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