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Footballers do not really play in winter.

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Q: Do footballers play in winter
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How many british professional footballers play abroad?

How many English footballers play abroad

What are footballers in England?

Footballers in England are people who play football. In the US, they might be called soccer players.

Which footballers play for the Italian football team?

why do you not answer questions

Can you sign up for soccer in winter?

Footballers join their new clubs in the January transfer window.

How many football matches do footballers play a year?


What are the names of french footballers who play in England?

Malouda, Anelka,

Who pays the footballers who play for their country?

Their National Football Association.

Why should footballers need carbonhydrates?

Football is a sport which needs much energy and stamina,so footballers need carbohydrates such as glucose to boost their play.

What position must college footballers play to receive the Davey O'Brien Award?

They must play quarterback.

How many soccer players on a team can play at a time?

Only eleven footballers in a club can play at a time.

Can you play football with contact lens?

Yes many footballers play with contact lenses, but there is a chamce of it falling.

Are American footballers fit enough to play rugby?

technically yes

How many Africa footballers have play football in real Madrid?


How much do footballers get paid a day to play in the world cup?


Do footballers get paid for playing for England?

No- it is (supposed to be) an honour to play for your country

Which footballers who play in the English premier league speak French?


Why do footballers need vitamins?

because they think that they will play better if they have vitamins

How many English footballers play in La Liga?

I think none

Can you play two of the same footballers at once on ultimate team?

No you can't

How many French footballers play in the English Premier League?

69 players

Is a footballer a self employed?

Most footballers are employed by the team or club they play for.

Why do footballers play football?

They play football because they get paid loads and it keeps them fit amd healthy.

Name two french footballers who play in England?

Steed Malbranque and Nicolas Anelka

How long does the footballers on soccer aid play?

90 minutes like a normal game

What is a group of footballers called?

A group of footballers is a team off 11 men , who all go out on to a pitch to play football with the objective of scoring enough goals to win. They are called a football club...