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ALL DRUGS will affect your performance in some sort of way.

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Q: What drugs affect sport performance?
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Why do drugs affect sport performance?

Damon salvatore!

How do drugs affect sport performance answer for this question?

Drugs effect nerves in your body that can paralyze you so you wouldn't be able to play sports

How does sasonal changes affect sport performance?

"seasonal". And it doesnt effect sport performance.

How do illicit drugs affect sport performance?

The reasons for the ban are mainly the alleged health risks of performance-enhancing drugs, the equality of opportunity for athletes, and the alleged exemplary effect of "clean" ("doping-free") sports for the public.

Why drugs affect you in sport?


How does drugs affect your sport?

Drugs slower the nervous system.

What performance enhancing drugs have been banned in sport?


How drugs can affect sports performance?

well, some drugs make you feel hyper and gives you a lot of energy this makes you want to win over something forexample: sport race but some can make you feel relaxed and not focused. it could make you feel very week which causes failure in sport performance.

Who has taken performance enhancing drugs in sport?

Lance Armstrong

Why does smoking affect sport performance?

smoking kills.

What are the effect of drugs in sport performance?

Drugs might actually improve one's performance.

How can stress affect sport performance?

One can easily faint