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You mean "what Does" 1. He Refs the game :)

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Q: What dos a table tennis referee do?
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DEFINE Tournament Referee in table tennis?

duties of tournament referee in table tennis

What are the rules of tournament referee in a table tennis game?

In competition table tennis, there is no such thing as "rules of tournament referee". However, you can go to the website and research official rules of table tennis.

What is the role of tournament referee in table tennis?

The Tournament Referee officiates over all matches in a USATT (USA TABLE TENNIS) sanctioned tournament.

What fitness levels are required for a table tennis referee?

There are no fitness requirements.

Who calls the shot in table tennis when there is no referee?

The player that is why it is called a gentelmens sport.

What qualifications are needed to be a referee in table tennis?

george william raymond collier-jefferies is god :O

What equipment does a table tennis referee need?

a red, yellow and white card, a timer and a ruler (all ittf approved)

How many referees are there in tennis?

there is only 1 referee in tennis

What is a referee known as in tennis?

An Umpire :)

The referee in tennis and cricket?

An Umpire

What are the names of 2 officials in table tennis?

They are the referee and the umpire. A referee (or assistant referee) decides the application of the game rules, while an umpire (or assistant umpire) rules on the play or scoring in a game, including decisions on points scored.

Where does the referee stand in table tennis?

Visualise a table from above. The umpire sits and looks straight ahead, across the net. Sometimes there is an assistant umpire, who sits opposite the umpire.

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