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A let is a serve that hits the net but falls into the opponent's correct service court. The server is allowed to serve again and no penalty is given.

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Q: What does the term let mean in tennis?
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Where does term Let in tennis derive from?

the term let in tennis is short for let it go

What term refers to a point in tennis that must be replayed?


In tennis what is the term used when a served ball hits the net but falls into the correct court?

A Let It is called a "Let".

What does LET mean in table tennis?

It means the point will be played again.

What does get mean in tennis?

Do you mean "let"? If so, a let is when a serve touches/nicks the net AND lands in on a player's serve. People call "let" so the server knows their serve hit the net. If a server hits a let, they get to redo their serve.

Is a let a pronoun or an adjective?

It is neither. The noun "let" is a term used in tennis and racket sports.The verb let is an auxiliary verb (e.g. let us see, let him go).

What does the term butterfly mean in regards to the sport of table tennis?

The term, "Butterfly", in regards to the sport of table tennis is the worlds most popular manufacturer of table tennis equipment. The Butterfly company makes paddles, nets, balls and table tennis tables.

What does the term match point mean in tennis?

It means if you win that point you win the match.

What does lmk mean in texting term?

Let Me Know

What is a do over in tennis?

a let?

What is a tennis redo?


In tennis Does the umpire say let or net?

There is no umpire in tennis.

Where did the name let come from in tennis?

let came to tennis to represent ''letting'' the players redo the point

What is the medical term meaning tennis elbow?

The medical term for "tennis elbow" is lateral epicondylitis.

What does 'let's blouse' mean?

"Let's blouse" is an old slang term equivalent to "let's blow this joint" or "let's get out of here".

What does the term harambee mean to kenyans?

let's pull together

French word for 'out' in tennis?

The referees use the term 'faute' (fault) or the English term 'out' in French tennis.

Which sport uses the term deuce?

The typical sport that uses the term, "deuce", is Tennis or Table Tennis.

What is a do over in tennis called?

a let

Why ls let in tennis called let?

It's from the French word roulet , another chance. So let in tennis is to give another chance

The term double fault is associated with?

Table tennis, or Lawn Tennis

What does the term drop mean on a PC?

let go of the mouse button.

What is the origin of let in tennis?

Let is from the word filet, a French word for the net. In tennis, it is a type of serve that is not valid and has to be done again.

What is the common term for the tennis ailment lateral humeral epicondylitis?

Tennis Elbow.

What do you call a do over serve in tennis?