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A Let

It is called a "Let".

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Q: In tennis what is the term used when a served ball hits the net but falls into the correct court?
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What does the term let mean in tennis?

A let is a serve that hits the net but falls into the opponent's correct service court. The server is allowed to serve again and no penalty is given.

Who wins the point if your opponent falls on the tennis court during a point?

Whoever would normally have won the point still wins the point. There is no pity point if someone falls on the court.... it's just part of the game.

Is it a hindrance if your opponent falls on the tennis court during a rally?

No it is not a hindrance. The person can keep playing the point if they can get up and get to the ball.

Is a double let in tennis a fault?

No, not as long as the ball goes over the net and falls in the correct part of the court. You can have as many lets (essentially uncounted serves) as you want, although it is extremely rare to have more than one per service.

What falls faster a tennis ball or soccer ball?

A tennis ball is fuzzy, has more drag, and falls slower. A soccer ball is smooth, has less drag, and falls faster.

What falls faster dry tennis ball or a wet tennis ball?

Wet, because in has more weight on it. If a tennis ball is wet it can't bounce it just falls and stays on the ground.

Which balls falls the fastest a tennis ball or a baseball?

golf is faster than both but tennis is faster than baseball

What falls faster a bowling ball or a tennis ball?

They reach the ground at the same time.

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