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The term Drained in Basketball refers to shooting the basketball and having it cleanly go through the net making a "swish" sound. Usually highlight reel shots

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Hmmm okay I thought it was when you get ahead but I must be wrong
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Q: What does the term drained mean in basketball?
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What is does the term length mean in NBA basketball games?

the size of the basketball shoes in relation to the length of the court

What does pa mean in basketball statistics term?

It means points allowed.

What does drained mean?


What is the term for the area drained by a river and its tributaries?


What does the term brick mean in basketball?

A brick means the ball bounced hard off of the backboard, like if you threw the basketball hard at it.

What does the D in Tenacious D mean?

Tenacious D is "a basketball term used by commentators to describe robust defensive positioning in basketball."

What basketball term starts with the letter P?

A basketball term that starts with P is pass.

What does beef in basketball mean?

Beef is the term for how to shoot a basketball. B is Balance. E is Elbows in. E is Eye on hoop. F is Follow through.

What does Basin mean?

an area drained by the river .

What is the term used to describe the area drained by a rivers and its tributaries?

A Catchment

What is the term used to describe the area drained by a river and its tributaries?

A Catchment

What does FGA mean in basketball stats?


What is another term for basketball?


What does the term pass mean?

Cause something -in this case, a basketball or netball- to move or lie in a specified direction or position.

What does the term transition mean in basketball?

A transition is when the team changes from offensive gameplay to defensive gameplay and vice versa.

Will more air outside a basketball make a basketball bounce higher?

If you mean OUTSIDE the basketball, then no. If you mean INSIDE the basketball, then yes.

What does the field mean in basketball?

The field in basketball refers to the wooden or concrete court on which the game is played. The term field goal, for example, refers to any shot taken from from the court.

What basketball term that starts with the letter K?

There are none... stop playing basketball

What does the term double double mean?

The term double double is a basketball reference. Double double is term that is for individual stats when the accumulation of a two digit number is in one of five statistical categories.

Which term describes low land that has been drained of water and is surrounded by dikes?


Is tip off a basketball term?

Yes It Is

What sport does the term travel come from?


What is the geometric term for the shape of a basketball?

A sphere

What does basketball mean in spanish?

basketball = el baloncesto

Can anyone spot you a 'dime' in basketball?

Yes, a dime is a slang term for an assist in basketball.