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A brick means the ball bounced hard off of the backboard, like if you threw the Basketball hard at it.

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Q: What does the term brick mean in basketball?
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What does the scientific term block mean?

Block means a brick

What is does the term length mean in NBA basketball games?

"Length" in basketball comprises at least two different factors. The player's height makes a player longer, but having a large reach, or wingspan, which is the total length of a player's arms, is crucial.

What does the term drained mean in basketball?

The term Drained in basketball refers to shooting the basketball and having it cleanly go through the net making a "swish" sound. Usually highlight reel shots

What basketball term starts with the letter P?

A basketball term that starts with P is pass.

What is the formal term for brick layer?


What does the term transition mean in basketball?

A transition is when the team changes from offensive gameplay to defensive gameplay and vice versa.

Why is the term brick building improper?

It isn't improper if it is a brick building. But a wood building with a brick veneer is not a brick building. Many people speak of a house as being a brick house, but it is probably a frame house with brick veneer. Perhaps that is what the question is about.

What does the field mean in basketball?

The field in basketball refers to the wooden or concrete court on which the game is played. The term field goal, for example, refers to any shot taken from from the court.

Why is a basketball not constructed as a mass structure?

A basketball is not a mass structure because it is not made up of piled up materials. For instance, a brick wall is a mass structure. A basketball is actually a shell structure.