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It depends on the style of karate. In the traditional Okinawan styles, solid red belts are worn by 9th and 10th dans. Which would mean they are higher than black belt.

Other styles use the red belt for one of the kyu rankings, which are below the dan rankings and lower than black belt.

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Q: What does the red belt represent in karate?
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What belt in karate is after the blue belt?


Is there a red belt before the black belt in karate?

It depends on the style of karate. In some styles there is a red belt before reaching Black Belt. In others the red belt represents as the 9th and 10th dan (black belt) in karate.

How do you play red belt for recorder karate?

you don't

What belt in karate comes after red?

In shotokan karate, the 9th kyu grade is orange belt, after the 8th kyu grade, red. But this will vary according the the particular school of karate, some schools not using a red belt at all in their system. In some styles the red belt indicates 9th or 10th Dan, which is as high as you can go.

What is the second highest belt in karate?

It will depend entirely on your style of karate and the school. In my style a red and white belt indicates 8th and 9th degree Black Belt. A 10th degree is solid red.

What does the color red on a karate belt stand for?

It will depend on the school or style of karate. In some styles, red belt is one of the levels on the way to black belt. In the Okinawan styles, a red belt indicates someone at the 9th or 10th Dan level, a Grandmaster.

How does one become a red belt in karate?

That depends on the style of karate. In some red belt is a step on it way to black belt. In traditional Okinawan styles it represents the highest ranks of 9th and 10th Dan.

What is the highest belt in karate?

Black belt is the highest. Though traditional Okinawa karate uses a red and white belt to indicate 7th and 8th degree black belt and solid red for 9th and 10th. Many American schools use the red belt as a kyu level below black belt.

What does a red and white belt mean in karate?

In most of the traditional Okinawan styles of karate, a red and white belt is worn by those that have earned their 7th and 8th degree black belts. Those that have 9th and 10th degree wear a solid red belt.

What does the color yellow belt represent in karate?

Yellow belt is just past white. It means that you might know a little more than someone who's never done karate at all.

What is the first belt in karate?

the first belt in karate is white

Is it illegal to have a red belt in karate in the US?

No, there is no restriction on belt colors in the US. In some styles, red indicates a level in the kyu range. In traditional Okinawan karate, red indicates someone that is 9th or 10th degree blackbelt.

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