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No, in Taekwondo, the red belt is not the same rank as a black belt. Depending on your school, it is either one or two steps below the black belt. Some schools use a belt that is half red and half black to designate a black belt who is under age. This is called a poom.
In taekwondo, the red belt is commonly associated with the 2nd grade, that is, the level just before black belt. All taekwondo schools have their own colored belt systems, so some schools might use a brown belt instead of a red belt. Some schools might use both a brown belt and a red belt.

This differs from the use of the red belt in karate. In karate, the red belt represents the tenth degree black belt.

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In the traditional Okinawa styles of karate, a red and white belt represents 7th and 8th Dan degrees. The 9th and 10th are a solid red belt.

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Q: Red and white belt stands for what rank?
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What color belt is worn by a beginer in judo?

white (or red), yellow, orange, green, blue, brown, black, then red and white blocks (above 5th Dan). the top rank of belt is 10th dan, which is a plain white belt

What karate belts are after black?

Any rank after first degree black belt are considered black belts. In the traditional Okinawan styles, a white and red belt indicates someone that is a 7th or 8th degree black belt. Solid red indicates 9th or 10th degree.

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What is the difference between brown and red belts?

In taekwondo, the difference between a brown belt and a red belt is about six months of study; although this will vary from school to school. In karate, the difference between a brown belt and a red belt is much more significant.

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What do the Kung Fu and wushi belts mean by their color?

Since a belt system was not originally used in Kung Fu but rather adopted from various Japanese systems the colours are more less the same as most Japanese styles. In order of lowest rank to highest rank they usually look something like this: white belt / no sash - Beginner yellow belt or sash gold belt or sash purple belt or sash orange belt or sash green belt or sash blue belt or sash brown belt or sash red belt or sash black belt or sash - Advanced Often the purple belt is up closer to black and in some cases the red is after black rather than before like so: Black Sash - advanced Red Sash - Master White Sash - Grand Master This will vary from school to school In wushu's case, usually the colour is worn because it matches the uniform.