What does the midfield line in soccer mean?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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The midfield line are the players that help attack and help defend.

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Q: What does the midfield line in soccer mean?
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What spanish person plays midfield in soccer?

Mia Hamm plays midfield

What is your sweat spot in soccer?


In soccer what is an offensive position?

All players on the soccer field can be an offensive player but mostly offensive is played by the midfielders and strikers, or attackers.

What do midfield players do in soccer?

kick the ball around

How likely is it for a soccer player to score a midfield goal?

It depends on which soccer player it is and what division.

What do center do in soccer?

A center in soccer [midfield]does defends and attacks so your need to be fast.

What does a center do in Soccer not a center midfield or center defense a center?

Well, if you mean a center forward, they try to shoot goals, like a midfield. But, unlike midfielders, forwards don't go back to help the defenders, unless there is a pk. They usually stay above the halfway line. However, when a pk is called, the center forward stays at the halfway line.

What is each player in Soccer?

Do you mean position? defense midfield forward you can play 11 a side, 8 or 6 a side

How many players up a soccer team name the categories?

eleven, what do you mean categories? ... like offense + midfield + defense

What word in soccer begins with m?

midfield player Manager