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Special teams is not a position in soccer.

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2016-07-20 05:46:18
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Q: What isn't a soccer position offence defence special team or midfield?
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Can 'Earthbound Immortal Chacu Challhua' be summoned in defense position when he is brought out?

As per usual game rules, you can Tribute Set him into face-down defence position, or special summon him in face-up defence position if the special summoning effect allows it. You cannot tribute summon him into face-up defence position.

What Pokemon has the best defence?

Shuckle, it has the highest defence and the highest special defence.

Can you place a monster in defence position when you special summon it using 'A Hero Emerges'?

Special Summons, by default, can be in either attack or defence position, and face-up for both. So if a card only says 'special summon', then you can choose. If the card means otherwise, it will say so. Call of the Haunted's summoned monster is summoned in attack mode for example, you have no choice. Likewise, A Shallow Grave's summon must be in face-down defence mode. A Hero Emerges doesn't specify a position, so the summon can be in either face-up attack or face-up defence mode.

What is the difference between face down defense position and face up defense position?

the face down defence position can special summon it also makes the opponent guess what that card is such as man eater bug

Can you summon a monster in face-up defense position?

A Normal Summon is face-up attack mode, a regular Set is face-down defence mode. You cannot Normal Summon or Flip Summon into face-up defence position unless an effect like Light of Intervention lets/makes you. Unless specified though, a Special Summon can be face-up attack or face-up defence position. However you can't special summon face-down unless an effect lets/makes you.

When was Special Escort Group - Ministry of Defence Police - created?

Special Escort Group - Ministry of Defence Police - was created in 1991.

How many players on offense in the Canadian Football League?

In Canadian football, whether on offence, defence, or special teams, a team is allowed to have twelve players on the field ... and no more than twelve, as the Saskatchewan Roughriders learned the hard way in the 2009 Grey Cup Game.

Which is better emboar or serperior?

It is a tie because 3 of Emboar's stats are lower then Serperior's stats and that are defence, special defence, and speed. And 3 of Serperior's stats are lower then emboar'stats and that are hit points, attack and special attack.

What is the item x special in Pokemon Red GB version and what does it do?

If there are not X Special Defends in that game, it raises Special Attack AND Special Defence. If there are X Special Defends in that game, then it just raises Special Attack.

What does Special Defense do for your Pokemon?

When your Pokemon's Speacial Defense raise it mean it is stronger to it's power. Like when your Kadabra's Speacial Defense raise it will be stronger Psy moves. Edit from lipantwort: Special defence is a stat which decreases loss of hitpoints from special attacks. Almost every attack in Pokemon is either categoried as special or physical. When physical attacks are used, defence is one of the factors which determines how big the HP loss is. When special attacks are used, the special defence is a factor which determines how big the HP loss is.

Do hammer head sharks have special defenses?

they defence there self by there teth and there hammer head

Can you summon a monster in face up defense mode?

Under normal circumstances, a Normal Summon will be in face-up attack mode, and a Set will be in face-down defence mode. Some cards can change this, such as Light of Intervention, which prevents monsters from being set, but allows them to be Normal Summoned in face-up defence mode. Special summons are different - the default is face-up attack or face-up defence position. Again though sometimes individual card effects can 'special set' the card, or restrict it to a specific mode.

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