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If a player on an NFL team successfully stays as a captain for the four years which is necessary to achieve four gold stars under his Captain symbol (giant C) Then he will have earned a Gold C to signify what he has accomplished. For example, In the 2011-2012 Season, players have started to wear the Gold C due to being a Captain for four years. There has also been a rumor that the only way to get a Gold C is not just being a captain for Four years straight, you have to have taken you team to the playoffs within your four years as a captain.

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Q: What does the gold c on NFL jerseys mean?
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What are the letter c and stars on NFL jerseys?

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What do the C emblems on many NFL player's jerseys designate?

"C" stands for Captain.....however, not all teams captains are wearing C's on their jerseys......this is new and some of the teams aren't up to speed and some teams choose not to use this system because they have different captains throughout the year. Tammy D.

What does c stand for in NFL?

if you mean on the jersey it stands for "captain"

What do the patches on the front of the jerseys mean today like - Eli's red and gold patch with the C that is underlined with stars and the Patriots MHK?

MHK is in honor of Mr. Kraft's wife who died this year. Kraft owns the Patriots and is highly respected by his players and staff.

What can you tell us about the Chicago Cubs' Jerseys?

One thing about Chicago Cubs' jerseys is that they are mainly white with a red C as the logo. They also have different jerseys for home games and away games.

What side on a hockey jerseys does the A go on?

Looking at the player, the A or the C goes on the left.

What does the letter 'A' on hockey jerseys mean?

ive never seen a hockey jersey with the letter D on it but I'm guesssing it means defenseman.the only letters you ever see consistently on hockey jerseys is C for Captain and A for Assistant Captain

What does a c on a gold ring mean?

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Why is there a C with stars underneath it on some professional football jerseys?

it shows that they are captian of the team

What is the c on the nfl uniforms?

The 'C' on a player's uniform denotes that the player is one of the captains of the team.It also depends on what year the jersey is from. Champion used to make NFL jerseys - the C is their logo. The NFL has since switched to Reebok - maybe a season or two ago?The "C" stands for "captain," and each captain is elected for a one-year term to be a captain. Not all captains have the "C" on their jersey, however, making it a little confusing. That's because a maximum of six players per team can wear the patch on their jerseys, and some teams like the Patriots for example have more than six (New England has seven and Tom Brady is actually the one who doesn't wear the patch). The four stars underneath each "C" logo represent are each filled in for every year a player fulfills his duties as captain, but they are not retroactive, so no one in the league actually had more than one star under his "C" during the 2007 season (when this started).It really means Cheerleader.

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What does a c stamp on a gold necklace mean?

it stands for ct or kt which means carat/karat