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the goal attack is part of the attack and can go in the centre third, shooting third and the "D". goal attack is needed to quickly get the ball in the D, also can shoot for ball and then needed to defend the pass when the other team gets the ball

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The main job of a goal attack is to score goals with the goal shooter. However the goal attack is allowed in two thirds (the goal third of whichever way they are shooting and the centre third) this means that they also have to help bring the ball down the court and feed the goal shooter.n

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Q: What does the goal attack do in netball?
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What does goal attack in netball?

The ball.

In what sport do you have a goal attack?


What players can shot in netball?

Goal Attack and Goal Shooter

How do you score net ball game?

you can score a goal in netball when either goal attack or goal defence shoots the netball into the hoop.

What are the players on a netball that can score?

There are two: Goal Shooter and Goal Attack.

What positions can you score goals at netball?

Goal Attack and Goal Shooter.

What are the positions in netball?

Goal Attack, Goal Keep, Wing Attack, Wing Defence, Goal Shoot, Goal Defence, Centre.

Where is goal attack allowed in netball?

Never and nowhere.

What position does maria tutaia play in netball?

goal attack and goal shooter

What two positions are you able to shoot from in netball?

Goal attack and goal shooter

Can You List All The Netball Players In Netball?

GS - Goal Shoot GA - Goal attack WA - Wing attack C - Center WD - Wind defense GD - Goal defense GK - Goal keep

How many people in a netball team?

7. Gk - goal keeper gd - goal attack wd - wing defence c - center wa - wing attack ga - goal attack gs - goal shooter