In what sport do you have a goal attack?

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Q: In what sport do you have a goal attack?
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Sport equipment starting with g?

Goal, goalie, goal keeper, goal attack, goal defence, goal shooter, goal kicker.

Which game has a player called a goal attack?

Netball is a team sport similar to and derived from basketball, and was originally known as "women's basketball". While basically unknown in its homeland, it is the pre-eminent women's team sport (both as a spectator and participant sport) in Australia and New Zealand and is popular in Jamaica, South Africa, Sri Lanka, the United Kingdom, and various other Commonwealth countries. Position Name Goal Shooter Goal Attack Wing Attack Centre Wing Defence Goal Defence Goal Keeper

Which player is responsible for marking the Goal Attack in netball?

The goal attack is marked by the goal defence. Goal Shooter-Goal Keeper Goal Attack-Goal Defence Wing Attack-Wing Defence Centre-Centre

What are the positions on a netball court?

The positions in netball are GS (goal shooter), GA (goal attack), WA (wing attack), C (center), WD ( wing defence) , GD (goal defence), and lastly GK (goal keeper! If you don't play netball I think you should because it is a fun sport and I love it and you have lots of fun!!!!!

What are the positions in netball?

Goal Attack, Goal Keep, Wing Attack, Wing Defence, Goal Shoot, Goal Defence, Centre.

In netball where is the goal attack aloud?

The Goal Attack is allowed into the goal circle on the attack side and up to the centre third line on the defence side.

How many attackers are there in netball?

Attack postions: Wing Attack Goal Attack Goal Shooter Defence Postions: Wing Defence Goal Defence Goal Keeper Other: Centre - Is attack and defence really :P

What are the different players in netball?

There is a center, wing attack, wing defence, goal attack, goal defence, goal keeper, goal shooter

Can the wing attact goal shooter and goal attact stand together when it is there teams centre?

the wing attack and goal attack can. not the goal shooter...

Can Wing Attack shoot in netball?

No, only Goal Shooter and Goal Attack can shoot.

What responsabilitys does a goal attack have in netball?

The Goal attack is a shooter with the goal shooter. The goal attack has to try to run out and receive the centre pass and try to get it in the shooting circle to score a goal and they have to do all this while trying to stay away from the goal defence.

What positions ae there in netball?

in netball there is a goal shooter, goal keeper, goal attack, goal defence, wing attack, wing defence and centre

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