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They are called the "offensive line" and "defensive line".

The offensive line is responsible for helping protect the quarterback and prevent defenders from tackling the the running back on running plays.

The defensive line is responsible first for maintaining a gap in the offensive line. From there, they either rush the passer or try to defeat a block or blocks by the offensive line, either so they can make the tackle or so one of their teammates can make a tackle.

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Q: What does the front line do in football?
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What is an offensive line in football?

The line in front of the quarter back

What does OL in football mean?

Offensive Line, the five players in front of the quarterback.

Is a pass illegal if it is thrown from behind the line of scrimage in football?

No! A pass is only legal if it is thrown from behind the line of scrimmage. A pass is illegal if it is thrown from in front of the line of scrimmage.

Does a pitch count as a pass in football?

It just depends if you pitch it to your player and hes in front of the line of scrimige...yes! But if he's behind the line of scrimige... No it's not a pass!

What front creates a squall line?

the front that creates a squall line is a cold front

When hiking the football at what line is it?

Line of scrimmage.

What is the tight end in football?

In American Football, the front Offensive line consists of a Center who is on the ball. To each side is a Guard and a Tackle. The third player on the line from the Center is the End or Tight End. IF the End moves out a few yards away from the others on the Line, he becomes a Split End.

If a football is on the out of bounds line is it in or out of bounds?

In association football, the ball must completely pass over the line: on is in.In American football and rugby football, any contact with the line makes the ball or player out of play: on is out.

Where is the Dead ball line in football?

the line of scrimmage

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How many hectometers is a football field?

In American football, it is 0.9144 hectometers from goal line to goal line.

What does the symbol for cold front and warm front mean?

A cold front is a blue line with triangles, and a warm front is a red line with triangles.

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What is a linebacker in football?

A defensive player who lines up behind the defensive linemen and in front of the defensive backfield. The linebackers are a team's second line of defense.

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If you have 10 people in line with the oldest in the front and the youngest at the end of the line, what is the relative age compared to the person in front of you?

What yard line does college football kick off from?

College football kicks off at the 35-yard line.

What does upfront mean?

At the front in front like the they say the word in football

Distance for point after touchdown from the goal line in football?

The ball is placed at the 2 yard line in the NFL and the 3 yard line in college football.

Heavier football players tend to play on the front line why?

they are tougher built so they can guard the quarterback and running backs they also have a lower point of gravity which can help them push the opposing line away

How can a 12 year old train for football as a quarterback?

- sit on a couch, eat food, and watch football - run 29 miles every day to get in shape - quit football - join the army - front line - war hero - get the ladies .. thats how its done

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