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There is no such thing as an ace in softball; you might be thinking of volleyball or tennis.

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best pitcher on the team

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Q: What does the baseball term ace pitcher mean?
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Which baseball term is defined as a team's best pitcher?


Where did the baseball term 'pitching aces' originate?

the term "ace" was used for an elite pilot; the best of the squadron. The term is used in baseball as the best pitcher in the team's group of pitchers.

What does it mean when someone calls you an ace?

Ace means someone who excels at anything. It came from fighter aces who shot down at least five aircraft during either World War. The top pitcher in a baseball team is called an ace.

What position in baseball would best describe a 'southpaw ace known for his yakker sweet cutter and Uncle Charlie off the hill'?


What is an ace in baseball?

usually the best Starting Pitcher in the Starting rotation, a pitcher most likely to pitch on opening day, unless he's injured

Baseball words that start with a?

· ace · advance a runner · assist · at bat

Who is the giants ace pitcher?

Matt Cain

Who is the ace pitcher of the Texas Rangers?

Cliff Lee

Is there a sexual meaning to Ace of Spades?

"Ace" is the social term for an asexual (as I am). Being the ace of spades may or may not mean anything other than a preference of suits in the cards. I have an "Ace of Spades" t shirt for representing my asexuality and it doesn't mean I'm superior to other aces, just a phrase

What does the saying ace in the hold mean?

It's actually "Ace in the Hole", and it's a poker term, meaning that you have a winning card stashed. Having an ace in the hole means that you have some angle that gives you an advantage in a situation.

Who is the Red Sox ace pitcher?

Definitely Jon Lester

Are there other names for lead off pitchers?

A lead off pitcher could also be called a 'starting pitcher'.If the starting pitcher is the best on the team they call him the ACE pitcher ...