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It represents the longest home run hit by Ted Williams.

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Q: What does the Red Seat in center field bleachers at Fenway represent?
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What is Center Field Called in Fenway Park?

The Triangle

What is the yellow pole in a baseball bleachers?

You may be refering to the foul pole but it is not in the bleachers, it is down the wall of both left and right field line in the stands. The bleachers are normally in right center field.

How far from the plate are the walls in Fenway Park?

The dimensions at Fenway Park:Left Field: 310 ft.Deep Left-Center: 379 ft.Center Field: 389 ft. 9 in.Deep Right-Center: 420 ft.Right-Center: 380 ft.Right Field: 302 ft.

How far would a player have to hit a ball into center field to get a home run at Fenway Park?

left center field is 388 center field 488 right center filed 402

In the movie Fever Pitch where does Drew Barrymore jump from when she goes onto the field at Fenway?

Center field wall

Did anyone ever hit a home run to the bleachers at Cleveland Municipal Stadium?

No player ever hit a home run to the center field bleachers at Cleveland Municipal Stadium.

What is center field called at Fenway Park?

Deep center field is refered to as the "triangle" because of the triangle the walls create when they meet around the 420' mark

Where can I find plans for simple bleachers for a small sports field?

You can find plans for bleachers for a small sports field at

Who are the 3 batters to hit home runs at the Polo Grounds in center field?

Babe Ruth hit several home runs into the center field bleachers but that was before the stadium was 'remodeled' to shorten the distance to the fence. After the remodeling, the players who hit home runs to center field were Lou Brock, Hank Aaron, and Joe Adcock. It is also said that Negro Leaguer Luke Easter also hit a home run to the center field bleachers.

Where are bleachers often found?

Bleachers can be found in sports field where the stadium is. If you want to purchase used bleachers, you should check out some auctioneers or some collectors.

What is the purpose of the center circle on the field?

it represent the home team of the game

What type of venue might have bleachers?

a school gym might have bleachers or a public soccer feild or athletic field.a football local football field might also have not sure exactly but a baseball field might also have bleachers.

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