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'Soccer' comes from the word 'association'. The 'Football Association' was formed in England to administer the Sport. It was an association of Football clubs. The game they administered became known as 'Association Football' to differentiate it from 'Rugby Football' which was also invented in the 19th Century. 'Soc' is a common diminutive of Society or Association, and so the game became known as 'Soccer'. There is now a myth in England, that only Americans have ever called it 'Soccer', whereas the British call it 'Football' and always have. This myth is not true. As recently as 30 years ago, everyone in Britain called it Soccer. Only our mothers ever called it 'Football', and we ridiculed them for it!!! 'Soccer' was the name adopted by the US when 'Soccer' (as it then was known) was first marketed earnestly in the States. Possibly BECAUSE the Yanks started calling it 'Soccer', the perverse British started calling it 'Football', and now bare-facedly lie that they have NEVER called it 'Soccer'. i think it has somethin to do with scoring or the roman gods

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Q: What does soccer mean?
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