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If you mean "How do you SAY soccer in Japanese?", then the answer is "sakkā".

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Q: How do you soccer in Japanese?
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Who started the soccer?

Japanese invented and started soccer.

Is Nagatomo a Japanese soccer player?


Where did Pro Evolution Soccer get its name?


Soccer in Japanese?

サッカー, or "sakka" in romaji.

What sports did Ancient Japanese people play?


How many soccer players are in the Japanese soccer team?

none cause they all started to swim

What is national game of japan?

As I am Japanese, it is baseball and soccer, for your information!

What is the Japanese national soccer team's nickname?

The Blue Samurais

Has the Japanese international soccer team ever won a world cup?


Tallest professional soccer player ever?

i don't know who it is but he is Japanese and he is 6f10"

Why does the Japanese soccer team wear blue?

because they like the colour blue

Who won you survived a Japanese gameshow?

(season2) Cathy the soccer mom. that was awesome

How do you write soccer in Japanese Hiragana?

The Japanese word for soccer is usually written using katakana - サッカー (sakkaa). Written using hiragana, it would become さっかー.

When did America lose to the Japanese in the world cup soccer?

During the women's finals, 2010

What is the best Japanese soccer club in the world?

In my opinion, FC Tokyo and Gamba Ozaka

How do you write soccer in Japanese?

Foreign words are always in Katakana: サッカー sakka (with a long "a")

Who is the manager of the Japanese football team?

The manager of japan soccer team is Takeshi Odaka

Japanese sports people?

Hidetoshi Nakata- former soccer player who played for parma, Bolton wanderers, as roma and fiorentinaShunsuke Nakamura-soccer player who plays for Celtic

Do Japanese students participate in Gym Class?

Yes, they do a range of sports although soccer is especially popular.

What sport do japan kids play?

Sports like soccer and baseball are popular among Japanese kids.

When is the Japanese soccer or football season?

The J. League starts their seasons in early March, and it runs until early December. Soccer, or football as it is known in Japan, is one of the most popular sports there.

What sports do the Japanese like?

Baseball, soccer, sumo, kendo, judo and other martial arts are popular sports in Japan.

How do you say soccer worldcup in japan?

In Japanese, they have borrowed and 'Japanized' the English phrase, making it 'waarudo kappu,' written: ワールドカップ

What does Japanese people do for fun?

In modern Japanese times, the Japanese people eat tofu, rice, drink tea, play soccer (known as football to them), play house games with their families, and go shopping. A2 'Pichenko', a kind of vertical pinball.

What are the two sporting events the Japanese enjoy most?

The most common sport in Japan is football or soccer, although many Japanese people practice the Martial Arts. However, there is no legally official sport of Japan but the Japanese Sumo Association quotes it the national sport.