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soccer is the same no matter where you go.

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Q: What does soccer in Italy involve?
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Related questions

When was soccer invented in Italy?

soccer was not invented in Italy it was invented in England

Is soccer the biggest sport in Italy?

Yes soccer is the biggest sport in Italy.

Why is soccer so important in Italy?

Soccer is so important in Italy because it helps the country develop unity. The people of Italy bond over their love of soccer.

What does soccer mean in Italy?

Soccer means a greatdeal to the Italians it is their national sport of Italy.

Is soccer popular in Italy?

Yes, Soccer is popular in Italy and it is popular throughout all of Europe.

What are the Favorite sports in Italy other than soccer?

Italy are very into swimming aswell as soccer.

Does Italy have a lot of soccer fans?

Soccer is very popular in Italy and there are many fans of the game

Are there any professional soccer teams of Italy?

Yes there is. Soccer is a huge sport in Italy. It has many professional teams. The top Italian soccer league, Serie A, is one of the best in the world. Italy is one of the top nations in soccer.

What soccer involve?

a ball and a players

What specific task will a job as a pro soccer player involve?

Playing Soccer

How does soccer involve math?

Soccer is involved in math because to keep score

What state Of Italy was soccer invented?

Roman Italy invented the game we now call soccer or football.

What is professional soccer rules in Italy?

Italy follows the FIFA Laws of the Game in their professional soccer sports.

Is Spain more of a soccer country or Italy?

They're both very into soccer. They both have interesting stadiums and monuments but Italy has more soccer spirit

Is Italy the best team in the world?

Italy's not the best soccer team but it is the third best soccer team in the world

What colors do soccer players wear in Italy?

Soccer players in italy wear (Home):blue (Away) White

Where did soccer originated from?

Soccer may have ordinated from Italy or Mexico or Brazil because they all play the most soccer I ever seen but most likely it was Italy.

What soccer team is better Germany or Italy?


How did soccer start in Italy?

we just perfected it (italy)

Which team is better Italy or Argentina in soccer?

It is Italy.

Where was soccer first seen?

soccer was first seen in italy.

What kind of sports do they play in Italy?

They play soccer in Italy.

What sport is Italy known for?

The sport Italy is known for is Soccer

What is the national sport in Italy?

The national sport in Italy is soccer.

Who is better at soccer Italy or England?

Italy are slightly better