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They're both very into soccer. They both have interesting stadiums and monuments but Italy has more soccer spirit

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Q: Is Spain more of a soccer country or Italy?
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What country is more popular for soccer Italy or Spain?

Probably Spain, they won the World Cup.

Which country is better Italy or Spain?

I think Italy is more popular for tourism.

What country grows more olives?

morrocco, spain, italy, greece, and tinisia to name a few.

Which country accumulates more titles of the European Cup between all its teams?

Italy and Spain

Which country is more famous Italy England gemany or Spain?

That's like asking which is more famous, USA or Canada.

Is Spain above Italy?

no Portugal is next to Spain and Italy is over to the East more

In what countries is soccer the main sport?

In England, Italy, Brazil, Spain, Argentina, and many more Europe, Austria, most of South America, and China

What four europeans countries have won soccer world cups?

Actually more than 4 European teams have won, they are : France, England, Italy, Spain and Germany (West)

What three European countries have won soccer's world cup?

I'm not a smart chap but I'm sure more than three have won it. England, Germany, France, Italy, Spain

What country is famous for football?

There are two different kinds of football. One is soccer and one is.. well.. football. I think that the soccer football would be more famous in Spain or Africa. Football overall is more a USA and Canadian sport.

Is Spain an LDC?

Spain is not a ldc, the country of spain is a mdc, More developed country.

What are the countries that won the world cup soccer three times or more?

Brazil, Italy Brazil, Italy

What is the Poland religon?

Roman Catholic. It is a very Catholic country in general just like Italy and Spain. Like in most countries there are more and more young people not going to church though.

Where is soccer popular?

Soccer is very popular in Europe, primarily England (that's where the Barclay's premier league is) and Italy. Also, in South American countries like Brazil (country with most World Cup Victories) Argentina, and Mexico. However, soccer is starting to pick up in America, the Mls league (in America) has been publicized much more on television, and on paper. The best soccer takes place in England and Italy though.

How is soccer is better than hockey?

Its not. Soccer is just bigger in other countries and more countries like Italy or the UK.

Is soccer a more important sport than baseball?

Well, it depends. Soccer is very important in Latin America and Spain and Brazil. In the United States it really depends. Do you like Baseball more, or do you like Soccer more. Basically, which ever sport you like better, will be more important. But that doesn't mean that it's more important to people of other Nationalities. Every country has one sport that is very important to them. It could be soccer, American football, cricket, anything really. So. I'd say, no. Both soccer and Baseball are equally important.

Does Spain attract more tourists than Italy?

Yes they do.

Which country won more soccer championship?

None. Countries do not compete in a 'soccer championship'

Is cork a Danish export?

No. It's more southern: Italy, Spain, France etc.

Why did Spain settle New Spain?

to have more land than there country

Is soccer play in ever country?

soccer is more popular then any other sports in the world and yes it is played in every country

In Europe Where do they play more soccer?

Personally i believe England and Germany (I am from Germany and i have played soccer all of my life) though other countries like Italy and France are big in soccer, too.

Why is soccer so popular in Italy?

Soccer is popular in Italy and it is popular throughout all of Europe. With soccer, all you need is a ball and two posts. Which is why it's popular in poorer countries like England, Mongolia, Cuba, and all those Latin American countries. What makes Italy soccer so great? You can find more details about the above in this section of the site with short previews for each article, to get you in a reading mood.

Was Portugal colonised by Spain?

No, Portugal was never a colony of Spain. Portugal is a more ancient Country than Spain. When Portugal became an independent country in 1139 (12th century) Spain didn't existed as a country yet. Spain only became a country in the 15th century, almost 3 centuries later.

Which country drinks more coffee?