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The first Paralympic games took place in London in 1948. The games were called the 1948 International Wheelchair Games at that time.

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Q: Where was the first para 0lympics held?
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When was the first Paralympics?

it was first held in 1960 Rome ,Italy there were 23 countries involved and 400 contestantsThe first Para- Olympics was held in Athens stadium in Greece

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Where did the 1964 0lympics take place?

Tokyo, Japan

Where have the para Olympics been held?

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Are the para-olympics goin to be held in china?

No it will be in Canada, the last paraolympic that is of summer games in 2008 was held in china

When first time para alympic held?

The first Paralympics, were first known as the "Stoke Mandeville" Games and they were held in Stoke Mandeville, England, 1948. These games were organised by Sir Ludwig Guttman, a neurologist and consisted of veterans from the Second World War who had spinal cord injuries. The games took place at "Stoke Mandville" Hospital and were held concurrently with the Summer Olympic Games, which, incidenlty, were held in the city of London.

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