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Over a third is when the ball is thrown over a whole third without being touched by a player.

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Q: What does over a third means in netball?
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What is over third in netball?

a fourth

What is it called when a ball is thrown over a third in netball?

over a third

Is over a third in netball a free pass?


Which third of a netball third is the attacking third?

The attacking third of a netball game is the end that your team is shooting.

Can players in netball throw over a third?

No, a player can't throw across an entire third. They can only throw to the next third. :)

Terms used in netball?

Obstruction, Intimidation, Contact, Goal, Stepping, Over a third

Meaning of ball touched in netball?

You may mean ball untouched. This means that the ball has been thrown over a third and has remained untouched by any players

What is it called when the ball is thrown over a third in netball?

'Over a Third' is what is netball, when the ball is thrown over a third and untouched by a player, the umpire should blow his or hers whistle and say 'over a third free pass......(the teams club name e.g manly or south side).' if the umpire doesn't and is meant to the game is just a 'play on'.

What does third mean in netball?

A netball court is split into 3 parts, each one of these is called a third, the 3 thirds are the defending third, centre third and the shooting third.

Where did netball begin?

center third

What happens in netball when a ball goes over a third?

it is other a thirs and there will be a free pass to the other team.

What is the offside rule of netball?

The offside rule in netball simply means you have gone out of your boundary and trodden over the line your position isn't allowed to.

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