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A player shown a yellow card is receiving a caution. A formal warning to stop doing something.

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Q: What does it mean If you receive a yellow card during a soccer game?
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What is the difference between a red an yellow card in soccer?

A yellow card is a warning, and two yellow cards equal a red card, which is where the player is sent off. A player may receive a straight red card.

If you receive a yellow card in a soccer game can you play the next game?

Yes you can play, but if you do get a another yellow in the next game , then you will miss one game.

What happens if you receive a yellow card in soccer?

If it's your first yellow card, you should be very careful not to get another one; if it's your second one in the same game already, then you are off.

What does it mean when you get two yellow cards during a soccer game?

When you have two yellow cards you got a red card and you exit the match.

What is yellow card in playing soccer?

It is a warning

In soccer what is a yellow card and a red card?

In soccer a yellow card is issued as a warning for committing a foul that is not so serious. A red card on the other hand is issued for serious offences or for someone who had received a yellow card earlier.

What happens if you kick someone at the shin during a soccer game?

you get a penalty foul and potential yellow card

Why would a player be given a yellow or red card in soccer?

Depending on the level of the foul or bad behavior (taking someone out by purposely harming them), a player may receive a yellow or a red card. The red card is more serious.

What is the size of the yellow card in Soccer?

6cm by 12cm

A referee's warning to a player in soccer?

yellow card

What is a yellow card and red card in soccer?

Basically a yellow card is a caution. A red is punishment, if you receive two yellows in one game you will get a red card. A red card punishment is when you are 'sent off' the pitch and the player is no longer allowed to play and receives a temporary ban usually 1 - 3 games depending on the rules of the Soccer/Football league.

What happens when a team gets a yellow card in soccer?

The team doesn't get a yellow card, a player does. After being given a yellow card, the player has been warned. If he gets a second yellow card, he gets an automatic red card and must leave the playing ground (cannot sit in the substitute bench). He may also receive a red card if the offense is severe enough. A lot of leagues have limits on how many yellows a player can receive, after which the player is banned for one match.

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