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If you are guarding someone while playing Basketball, you would be playing defense on them, or trying to take the ball from them.

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Q: What does guarding mean in basketball?
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What does seeing both mean in basketball?

See both the man you are guarding and the man with the ball

What does the verb torch mean in basketball?

The person you are guarding is on a hot streak. "You got torched."

What does in the post mean in basketball?

This is when you have your back towards the defender while he's guarding you, and you have the ball.

What is a defensive position?

In basketball, the defensive position is the stance you are in while guarding an opponent (defense) in basketball.

Is face guarding legal in basketball?

no its not as long as there is not any illegal contact

What does the term mouse in the house mean in basketball?

It is when a small player is guarding a larger, stronger player in the post. "That's mouse in the house right there... Free cheese" - Stacey King

What does the last name howard mean?

"Guarding the mind".

What EXACTLY is the foul 'holding' in basketball?

The foul ''holding'' in basketball is when you are guarding some player and lets say they get past you and you hold onto their jersey, shorts, hand, etc.

What does FGA mean in basketball stats?


What is a flop in basketball?

A flop is when they are guarding and the offensive player charges in and the defensive guys falls to the ground to try to get a charge foul called

Will more air outside a basketball make a basketball bounce higher?

If you mean OUTSIDE the basketball, then no. If you mean INSIDE the basketball, then yes.

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basketball = el baloncesto

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What is the definition for "there was no guarding or rebound?"

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It is guarding the three pyramids of Giza.

What do's NBA basketball mean?

National Basketball Association

What does g mean in basketball?

In Basketball g means gaurd

What does baloncesto mean?


What does bbll mean?


When was Guarding Hanna created?

Guarding Hanna was created in 2000.

What does MPG mean in basketball?

In basketball, MPG = Minutes per game.

What are rpi's in college basketball?

I have a question, not answer. What does the rpi's in college basketball mean?

What is the sphere of a basketball?

I don't know what you mean but, yes a basketball is a sphere.

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The breed was developed in Germany and was originally used for herding and guarding sheep.

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