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Q: What is the C on an NFL uniform?
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What is the letter C that the NFL players are wearing on their uniforms?

The C on the uniform is to show who the 3 team captains are.

Who has uniform changes in the upcoming NFL season?

No NFL team will have uniform changes for the 2008 season.

What is the dress code for the NFL Kickers?

a uniform

What does an NFL uniform cost?

152 dollars

Which NFL team has tan beige and ecru on their uniform?


What is the formula of uniform acceleration?

There are several formulae that involve uniform acceleration. For example, the definition of uniform acceleration:dv/dt = c or: a = c (where "c" is some constant).

Who makes the NFL uniform?

Reebok currently makes them, but the NFL picked Nike to make the uniforms in the 2011-2012 season.

Why is NFL uniform tight?

The NFL uniform is designed to be tight and form fitting so opposing players have a difficult time grabbing ahold of it. This reduces the chances of a defenseman making a tackle by just grabbing an article of clothing.

What is the uniform number of NFL Hall of Famer Anthony Munoz?


What NFL team has the most uniform changes?

am changes helits most

What does the C logo on a NFL jersey stand for?

The C logo on a nfl jersey stands for Captain.

Why you should have School uniform?


What number uniform did the Vikings retire for NFL great Alan Page?


What number uniform did the Colts retire for NFL great Raymond Berry?


What does the gold C signify on Eli Mannings uniform?

Each year you are captain for your NFL a star on your captain's patch becomes gold. When your serve 5 years as a captain you have 4 gold stars and you get a gold c. This is called a full gold captains patch just like Eli has.

What is the C on the NFL uniform?

The 'C' on a player's uniform denotes that the player is one of the captains of the team.It also depends on what year the jersey is from. Champion used to make NFL jerseys - the C is their logo. The NFL has since switched to Reebok - maybe a season or two ago?The "C" stands for "captain," and each captain is elected for a one-year term to be a captain. Not all captains have the "C" on their jersey, however, making it a little confusing. That's because a maximum of six players per team can wear the patch on their jerseys, and some teams like the Patriots for example have more than six (New England has seven and Tom Brady is actually the one who doesn't wear the patch). The four stars underneath each "C" logo represent are each filled in for every year a player fulfills his duties as captain, but they are not retroactive, so no one in the league actually had more than one star under his "C" during the 2007 season (when this started).It really means Cheerleader.

Can you get fined for wearing brightly colored shoes in the NFL?

If the shoes are not part of the teams approved uniform, either a black shoe or a white shoe as declared by the team, then yes the NFL can and will fine a player for wearing a pair of brightly colored shoes - unless you are a kicker/punter who are exempt from the rules. See the link below for the uniform code governing shoes in the NFL. The typical fine for a uniform violation is approximately $5,000 per infraction.

What is the complete NFL uniform do they wear cups?

The outerwear for the NFL includes pants, socks, cleats, helmet and mask and the mouth guard. Protective under uniform gear includes back and rib plates, shoulder pads, neck rolls, knee and elbow pads. The athletic supporter or cup is one of the most important parts of the uniform.

What number uniform did San Diego retire for NFL great Dan Fouts?


Who picks the uniform NFL teams will wear every week?

MVP from the week before

Fastest NFL player in uniform?

ted ginn jr he ran a 4.20 with a broken ankle

What NFL team does Michael Orr play for?

The Baltimore Ravens. On his uniform, his name is spelled Oher.

What is the purpose of the uniform violation fines of the NFL?

because they want the teams to look good on television

What number uniform did the Green Bay Packers retire for NFL great Bart Starr?


What does the c on Jason Varitek's uniform stand for?

The 'C' stands for Captain. Veritek is the captain of the team.