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The colors represent the colors in the flags of the nations that compete in the Olympic Games.






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Q: What does blue on the olympic ring means?
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What does the blue Olympic ring mean?

The blue Olympic ring does not really mean anything

What are Olympic ring color?

the olympic ring colours are black, red, yelow, green and blue

What does the blue olympic ring reapresent?


What is the mascot for the blue olympic ring?


What are the colors of each ring of the Olympic symbol?

First ring -blue Second ring -black Thrid ring -red Fourth ring -yellow Fifth ring -green Means Blue,Black,Red,Yellow,Green respectively .

What are the olympic ring colours?

Green,yellow,blue,blue and black

What olympic ring colour represents Africa?


What does the blue ring of the Olympic rings stand for?


What does the blue on the Olympic ring represent?

It represents Europe.

What does each olympic ring mean?

the green ring means charity

What colour represents Africa in the olympic games ring?


What does blue Olympic ring stand for?

stands for 5 contries

What continent is the blue olympic ring?

The colours of the olympic rings dont represent the continents, they are colours that all the flags have. Not one flag doesnt have an olympic ring colour.

What are the colour of the olympic ring?

Red, black, yellow, blue and green

What is the colour of the olympic ring?

blue red yellow black green

What are the colours of each olympic ring?

Blue,black red,yellow,green

Olympic ring in sequence in color?

blue, yellow, black, green, and red

What does blue mean on a mood ring?

Blue means relaxed.

What does deidaras ring mean?

It means ''Blue''

What does the blue ring means in the Olympics?

it means absolutely nothing

What does the yellow ring represent on the Olympic flag?

it means that there is heat in the countries

What does the color represent on the Olympic symbol?

There are three olympic values they are:freindshiprespectexcellenceThe blue ring represents for:participationThe yellow ring represents for:competitionThe black ring represents for:excellenceThe green ring represents for:unityThe red ring represents for:hopeI hope I helped you :)

What are the 5 colors in the ring symbol of the Olympic games?

blue, black, yellow, green, and red

What does blue mean for mood rings?

Blue means happy or excited on a mood ring.

What are the Olympics pantone colors?

There are five Olympic Pantone colors that can be seen on the Olympic ring design. These colors are blue, black, red, yellow, and green.