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like somebody on a skateboard

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โˆ™ 2010-02-23 23:18:54
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Q: What does a skate border look like?
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Is hollister better then volcom?

Well if you want you want to look like you skate wear volcom because it is a skate brand if you want to look casual wear hollister but i personally like volcom better

What does a devil fish look like?

it looks like a skate or a ray eg stingray

Who was the firs black skate border?

terry Kennedy

Who is the best skate border in the US?

Tony Hawk

What does Tony Hawk look like?

He looks like person who skate boards, and does cool tricks.

Does Justin like skate boarding?

if you like skate boarding he gay

What does a skate board look like?

Look it up on and you'll find it really easily. This really should be common sense

Where do you go to get an ice skate?

you can get an ice skate at a skate shop like skaters edge>

What hobbies do chaz ortiz like?

he likes to skate skate skate that is he life practically he also likes to go out and skate with his friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who is the number1 woman skate border in the world?

linsey Adams Hawkins is the best

How do you ice speed skate?

skate like you are glideing on air

How does a skateboard look like?

a skate board looks like this: it is a board about 3 feet and has wheels on the bottom right and the bottom left.

What is a border sampler in Microsoft Word?

It allows you to show what the border would look like, without actually applying the border. So you can see the sample of what it would look like, before you use those borders. You can choose different styles and sizes and colours.

Wallpaper Border?

form_title= Wallpaper Border form_header= Install a border to match your wallpaper. What does your wallpaper look like?*= _[50] Do you want the border to be a solid color?*= () Yes () No Will you install the border yourself?*= () Yes () No

Can you get skate 3 on psp?

Sorry but you can't I also look for skate on my psp but I can't get it sorry.

Where can you buy roller skate shoes?

To buy skate shoes you can look on Amazon and eBay or Classify.

What does a content placeholder border look like when it is selected?

as a solid line

How do you look after a border collie?

You look after a border collie like any other dog, but they need a lot of exercise usually about 1 1/2 or 2 hours a day.

Is rob dyrdek still a pro skate border?

Yes. He gets paid so he is a pro

What does Massachusetts actual border shape look like?

a bird with a gint beek

How do you know if you are a skater?

You skate alot, you dress like a skater, you are always at the skate park.

Does Justin Bieber like to skate board?

Yes, Justin Bieber does like to skate board he used to skate with his best friend Ryan Butler when Justin lived in Sratford, Ontario Canada.

Were can i find youth boys slim jeans in bright colors like burgundy i am not gay just a skate boarder?

Either go to or look on the google image search and click on a pair that you like and then buy them from the internet. you could also go to skate shops

Where can I get skate shoes from?

You can go get some skate shoes from the skate warehouse. They sell a lot of brands that are popular, and are also sleek and cool. You are going to like them.

What class does the animal skate blong to?

Skate is a shark like fish . It belongs to class Chondichthys .