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In softball a run is when you score.

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Q: What does a run mean in softball?
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First base in softball what does it do what does it mean?

First base is the base you run to after you hit the ball.

Do you run clockwise on softball? run counterclockwise.

What a forced run in softball?

when someone hits the softball and and the person on first, second, and third base has to run tothe next base

Why is softball a better sport than soccer?

soccer you just run and softball you run,steal,lead,slide,bat,and catch

How good at softball do you have to be to run in the Olympics?

You don't need to know how to play softball to run in the Olympics. If you're asking about being a pinch runner then you're out of luck because they no longer have softball in the Olympics.

What is it called when you score in softball?

a run

What is run in softball?

A run in softball is when a base runner makes it safely around the bases and touches home plate. The team the runner is for is then given a point, also known as a run.

How many innings are there in softball?

There are 7 innings in softball there can be tie breakers, but there are run rules as well.

What are the relationships between softball and recreational leagues?

in most towns softball is run by the recreational leaugue

Must you run if the ball will be catched with softball?

no, but you have to run if there is two outs

What will you actually do in softball?

Bat, Feild, and run!

What does tag up mean in softball?

when the balls hit into the air , you stay on base. when the outfielder or infielder touches it , or catches it , you can run.

How do you take score in softball?

In softball every time someone crosses home plate and they are safe, you get one run.

What does 'r' mean in softball stats?

"R" in softball stats stands for runs

What is another word for a home run in softball?

A quadruple?

How do you slide softball?

stick ur foot out and run

What is a force run in softball?

When someone is on 3rd and runs home

What is RBI stand for in softball stats?

Run Batted In =RBI

What does steal mean in baseball?

What it mean in baseball (as well in softball) to steal is when the ball has been pitched you run to the next base. But you may have to run back because the ball was hit out of bounds. Another way to steal is when the ball was pitched and the catcher dropped it. Then again you run to the next base.

What other sports are like softball?

Baseball is much like softball, only with some changed and varied rules. Kickball is also like softball in that you send a ball flying and run the bases.

How do softball pitch?

underhand? what do you mean?

What does ko mean in softball?

knocked out

What does out mean in softball?

youre out from hitting

What is a good workout plan for beginners in softball?

well when i was a beginner the only work out plan you need is to be prepared to run run run!!!!!

Is a softball player out if they miss home plate and run into the dugout?