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Q: What does a head linesman wear in Football?
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What does the linesman do in football match?

linesman = poet thus "poetic" fair play = justice thus poetic justice

Why do football layers wear football helmets?

to prevent injury to the head

What is head linesman referee Tom Stabile's number?


What is head linesman referee Tom Stabile's number on his shirt?


Where does Head linesman Gary Slaughter who was in the Super Bowl live?

Why don't you ask him?

Can a linesman over rule a decision made by a ref in English premiership football?

An assistant referee, linesman is an outdated term, is there to advise the referee. If there is a disagreement between the assistant and the center referee then the center's decision stands.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Linesman - 2000?

The cast of The Linesman - 2000 includes: Frank Bock as The Linesman

How many referees are in a football game?

There are seven on field officials in an American football game: referee, umpire, head linesman, line judge, side judge, field judge, back judge. Click on the 'NFL Officials' link on this page to read about the duties that each official has during a game.

What should you wear to football practice?

A tu tu and balarinia shoes and a cows udder on your fat head

Is football officiating generally as bad as it has been in the World Cup 2010?

Yes it is bad indeed as referees do not enquire and talk with the linesman .

What is th signal for offside in soccer?

The signal for offside in soccer is when the lineman raises his flag above his head and stops running in line with the last defender. When the referee has realized the linesman has raised his flag the linesman points the flag out in front of him.

Why should you wear football pads?

To protect shoulders, upper chest, ribs, upper thighs, head, and abdomen.