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linesman = poet thus "poetic"

fair play = justice

thus poetic justice

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Q: What does the linesman do in football match?
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I made a bet of 4-2 on a football match and technically it was however due to linesman not seeing the goal pass the line the final score was 4-1 is there anything I can do about it?

No, because you bet on the final score and regardless of how unfair it is having a blind ref and linesman the final score was 4-1 to Germany

How often do they change the Wimbledon judges in a match?

There are six linesman in a match plus one umpire.

Can a linesman over rule a decision made by a ref in English premiership football?

An assistant referee, linesman is an outdated term, is there to advise the referee. If there is a disagreement between the assistant and the center referee then the center's decision stands.

How many officials officiates a football match?

In a football match we have referee and 2 lines men is there any other official in the match?

What actors and actresses appeared in The Linesman - 2000?

The cast of The Linesman - 2000 includes: Frank Bock as The Linesman

Who do you need in a football match?

If you are watching a football match you will need:Hat with the flag onFlagTicketBlower

How many people are there in one team in football in a match?

11 player in a football match

Is football officiating generally as bad as it has been in the World Cup 2010?

Yes it is bad indeed as referees do not enquire and talk with the linesman .

Who would win in a football match Joe or Kayla?

Joe would win in a football match

What does match fantasy football transfer codes do?

Allow you to make Transfers on Match Fantasy Football

When was Michel Cormier - linesman - born?

Michel Cormier - linesman - was born in 1974.

When was Scott Driscoll - linesman - born?

Scott Driscoll - linesman - was born in 1968.