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Q: What does a hand grip of a badminton racket made of?
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When was the first badminton racket made?

issac spratt did in 1860

Who made the first badminton racket?

Issac Spratt did in 1860

Which racket sport made its debut at the 1992 olympic games?


What are badminton racket strings made out of?

there are two types of Badminton Strings, strings made of natural guts material or synthetic material.

What is the weight of a badminton racket?

generally a precise racket weighs around 100 grams which are made of aluminium but a carbon fibre racket weighs around 90 gms

What is the difference between a tennis racket and a badminton racket?

Badminton rackets are much smaller the rackets are made to hit light objects like the shuttle cock. These rackets do not have as much broad frame as one of tennis. they are much cheaper.

Why is the badminton racket is very much higher than other racket sports?

Badminton is a very fast sport, and as such the rackets used are a lot lighter than in other sports such as tennis and squash.They generally consist of a handle, a shaft and a head. The whole length of the racket can be no greater than 68cm, and the width no greater than 23cm.The head of the racket is made up of a frame and the strings, which are usually made from nylon (though can actually be made from sheep or cow gut).

What badminton racket should you get?

Things to look out for in badminton rackets are the material from which it is made. Some rackets are 'stiffer' than others, and some are more flexible. The weight is also particularly important. Some players will prefer a heavier racket. Some players will prefer a heavier racket, helping power shots, and others will prefer a lighter more manouverable racket making fast short movements much easier.

Who makes carlton badminton rackets?

Carlton badminton rackets are made by Carlton them self's but at the moment their web page is not up and running so you can not see any of them. but if you want to bye a good badminton racket then look for Yonix, Carlton or head.

What is a badminton racket?

It is a racket specifically made for badminton. They have a low weight ranging from 70-95 grams (2-3.5 ounces). They are made of a range of reenforced plastic to solid steel. They can have carbon nanotubes in it now days which are very light weight. They have have stings that looks like a regular grid of squares. The strings are the with of about .67 mm and they have the tension of 80-160 newtons. They are usually low for regular players and higher for professionals.The thing you hit the shuttlecock with. Like baseball- theres a bat (badminton racket) and a ball (shuttlecock).

What is a badminton racquet made of?

A badminton racquet is made of titanium, graphite & fullerene.

What improvements have been made to a badminton racket?

It is now made from titanium and plastic strings and is much more light weight than before [More recently] Badminton racquets are now made of carbon allotrope shafts, such as fullerene, as they are more flexible and lighter (although not for every racquet). Nylon strings are now more common as well

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