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Q: Which racket sport made its debut at the 1992 olympic games?
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What is the newest sport to be in the Olympic games?

BMX racing and open water swimming made its debut in 2008 Women's boxing will debut in 2012 Golf and Rugby Sevens will be added in 2016.

When did women's fast pitch debut as an Olympic sport?

The year was 1991

What year did beach volleyball become an official Olympic event?

Well, you see beach volley ball really isn't a sport at all. What it is is when people get hungry they decide to play. So it never really became a sport or in other words was never an Olympic sport.

Was Tae Kwon Do a sport at the Beijing Olympics?

Yes, taekwondo was an olympic sport in 2008 at the Beijing, China Games. Taekwondo made its Olympic debut in 1988 at the Seoul, Korea Games (appropriately enough). It continued as a demonstration sport at 1992 Games in Barcelona, Spain. Taekwondo was not part of the 1996 Atlanta Games. The International Olympic Committee voted against inclusion of demonstrations sports. Taekwondo became a medal sport at the 2000 Sydney, Australia Games. It continued as an Olympic sport in 2004 at the Athens, Greece Games and in 2008 at the Beijiing, China Games. Following several controversial scoring decisions and upsets and the very unsportsmanlike behavior of the athlete from Cuba, there was fear that taekwondo would be cut from the roster in 2012, but taekwondo has been confirmed as an Olympic sport for the 2012 Games in London and also for the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Is riding in the Olympic games?

yes, riding is an olympic sport

Which sport was held in the first modern olympic games in 1886?

Which sport was included in the first modern olympic games held in 1866

Wii sport at the olympic games?

If you are talking about Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games, then yes it is out...

Who supervise the Olympic games?

The commities for each type of sport that participates in the olympic games supervises it

Is lawn bowling an olympic sport?

Sadly, lawn bowls is not an Olympic sport. But it is played in the commonwealth games.

Is basketball still an olympic sport 2012?

Yes, basketball is still an Olympic sport. The 2012 Olympic Games will be held in London.

What winter sport that originated in another country?

The winter sport that made its Olympic debut at the summer games was Ice Hockey. The summer games were held in Antwerp, Belgium in 1920 for this debut.

What are the first events in the Olympic Games?

a sport