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Q: What does a golfer all out when he hits bad ball?
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Do not bowl bad ball He hits the good ones for fours and sixes Who said this for Sachin Tendulkar?

Shane Warne

Is there 3 fouls in kick ball an out?

no. only if its a bad foul on all of the fouls.

Can you get hurt playing baseball?

yes you can. This could happen by maybe the ball hits you in the face or other parts. But normally I don't think you should have to worry about it unless your really bad at base ball.

What happens when a ball hits your stomach?

It will hurt very bad for 2 day or it depend on.... But to let u know I already got hit by a football and when it hit me .. All I feel is it hard to breath...

Do you have to cradle in a lacrosse match?

Yes, otherwise the ball has a better chance of falling out. Also if someone hits your stick the ball will probably fall out.

Why is piccolo bad in Dragon Ball evolution?

Because he is a bad guy in Dragon Ball.

What is a shank in golf terms?

A shank is a shot in golf, which you do not want to hit. It is a shot in which the ball is struck in between the hossel and the heel of the golf club, it causes the ball to go to the right (if a right handed golfer), but it goes at about a 45 degree angle and goes a relatively short distance.

Is it legal to hit a baseball after it bounces?

Yes. Taken from the official MLB rules (available in various locations on the internet): "If the pitch touches the ground and ... the batter hits such a pitch, the ensuing action shall be the same as if he hit the ball in flight."

What does Tiger Woods say all the time?

When he talks to his golf ball he says, "sit", "fly", "draw". If he hits a bad shot sometimes he says "Tiger" or "God damn it" and sometimes he drops what The Golf Channel refers to as the "F-bomb".

Why is bad to have to much air pressure in a basketball?

The ball will dribble to high and out of control and if it hits rim or backboard It could bounce off

When is a bad shot called in a pool game?

A bad shot is called when a bad shot is made. A bad shot is when the cue ball misses the object ball. It's called a scratch.

What could cause a noise in front end when wheel is turned all the way?

Could be bad ball joints.