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The defenceman prevents the other team from scoring goals. They can go in the goalie box with the goalie. They basicly are the people who are second goalies, except they can not hanle the puck with their hands.

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Q: What does a defenseman do in ice hockey?
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Who were the 1960 us hockey captains?

The captain of the 1960 U.S. Olympic ice hockey team was defenseman Jack Kirrane.

What are the positions in a hockey match?

In ice hockey there are three forwards, Right wing, left wing, and center. There is two defenseman and one goalie.

Who is a Erik Johnson?

Erik Johnson is an American ice hockey defenseman currently playing for the St. Louis Blues

How many players are on one team in ice hockey during a game?

there are two defenseman, three offenseman and one goalie

How many positons are in hockey?

There are four positions in hockey. Center, Winger, Defenseman, and Goaltender. There are six players on the ice per shift though. The goalie remains on the ice if pulled, injured or replaced by the backup goalie.

Who is Eric Sjoberg?

You might mean Lars-Erik Sjöberg, who was a Swedish ice hockey defenseman. More information about him is available on wikipedia.

How many defenseman are in a hockey starting lineup?


Who was the first defenseman to score a 1000 career points in hockey?

Denis Potvin was the first Defenseman to reach 1000 points.

What sport did David Jensen compete in the Olympics?

Ice hockey. There were two David Jensen's that played ice hockey for the United States at the 1984 Winter Games in Sarajevo. David Allen Jensen was a winger and David Henry Jensen was a defenseman.

How many players are allowed on the ice for each hockey team?

6 Total - 1 Goalie 2 Defenseman 2 Wings 1 Center

How much player in hockey team?

5+goalie in the ice at the same time: Goalie, 2 Defensemen (Right defenseman and left defenseman) and 3 forwards (Left winger, center and right winger). The team has 15 to 30 players.

Who is Logan Stephenson?

A defenseman playing for the Adirondack Phantoms of the American Hockey League.

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